Saturday, December 12, 2009

Orchard Hill Trivia - Day Three

Good Morning!

Once again I apologize to those who had problems with the links. I am not sure what the problem is. They work when I test them, but people are still reporting being unable to get through to my website. I hope today goes better. Anyone who has been unable to enter, please contact me at karalynnrussell (at) I'll email the excerpts to you.

Answers may be found at my website: This is the home page. You will need to select Orchard Hill from the side menu to get to the blurbs and excerpts. Yesterday and the day before I tried to link directly to the Orchard Hill page. Since that's not working, I've decided to try linking to my home page instead.

Yesterday's Winners - Becky Tidberg is both my first entrant of the day and the winner of the drawing. Congratulations! Everyone else, please give it another try today. I will send a set of bookmarks to anyone who enters or anyone who emails and tells me they haven't been able to get through to my website for the answers.

Today's Questions
7 What does Harmony not want Joseph to see when they are caught together during a thunderstorm?
8. What is Shaun's big surprise when he sees Patience after their separation?
9. What is Joy doing when Isaac comes to visit her?

Stop back later today for news about two free Orchard Hill stories to be released soon.

Thank you everyone for entering my contest, or at least trying to enter my contest, in spite of the problems.

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SiNn said...

i cnat wait for your new books to come out they r awesome!