Thursday, December 10, 2009

Orchard Hill Trivia Day One

Get Ready...
Read the questions. There will be three trivia questions each day for three days. That's one question per story (excluding the free reads.)

Get Set...
Go to my website and search blurbs, excerpts and free reads to find the answers to the questions.

The first person to respond each day will win an Orchard Hill magnet set. Each correct answer that a person submits = 1 chance in that day's drawing. The winner will receive a "Spend the Year in Orchard Hill" desk calendar and one download of any Orchard Hill story.

Today's Questions:

1. In which room of the church did Riley comfort Gracie after her fiance left her at the altar?

2. What does Angel name the dog she adopts?

3. Why is Lily unwilling to let anyone get close to her?

Email the answers to me - karalynnrussell (at) Please do NOT leave answers as comments. Those will not be counted as entries. Please DO include an email address so I can contact you if you win. I will not use these addresses for any other purpose but to contact the winner.

Come back tomorrow to see who wins todays contest - and to get the next set of questions.

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