Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Introducing Orchard Hill

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Orchard Hill Trivia contest. So today I will introduce Orchard Hill for those who are new here. Orchard Hill, Wisconsin is named after the orchard that overlooks the town. Orchard Hill is actually in a valley. Other than the name thing, it's a pretty typical small town. But even small towns have excitement once in a while. And last year was a big one for Orchard Hill!

At the Orchard Hill Community Church Pansy Parker serves as secretary and Misty Green is the Choir Director. These ladies also consider themselves experts on love and romance. Each claims to be Orchard Hill's best matchmaker. When their rivalry gets to be a problem, they decide to put it to a test. They will prove which one is the best matchmaker by keeping track for a year. The one with the most matches wins. Not that there's a prize, other than the satisfaction of being the best. It's not like they can tell anyone, right? Pastor Isaac would never approve of that.

The contest begins at the New Year's and goes straight through to Christmas. The titles are:
Saving Gracie
Entertaining Angel
Considering Lily
Keeping Faith
Enduring Hope
Accepting Charity
Disrupting Harmony
Losing Patience
Finding Joy.

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I hope you'll be back tomorrow for the beginning of the Orchard Hill Trivia contest. Plus there'll be few extras here before the end of the year. Cora Applebaum, Orchard Hill's most informed citizen will be reporting on all the weddings that took place after the matchmaking contest. (They sure kept Pastor Isaac busy!)

And I'll give you a little sneak peak of a couple of new Orchard Hill stories. Pansy and Misty may have done their share of matchmaking, but sometimes love happens even without them!

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