Saturday, October 25, 2008

The End is Near!

Hello All,
I hope you've been enjoying the fall colors. They are about finished here in Orchard Hill. All that's left is raking leaves.

Our official chronicler, Kara Lynn Russell tells me the final story in her series is completed. That's right, it's been written down who, for once and for all, won the matchmaker's contest. Of course I know who the winner was, but I'm not talking. You'll just have to wait and see for yourself.

Just as I'm sorry to see this year coming to an end, I'm glad I was here to enjoy it. At my age, you never know if you'll be here to see the next season.

I'm also sorry to see the end in site for the Orchard Hill series. I'll miss having all of you to visit with. You're such good listeners. But there's still plenty of story left to tell and fun to be had.

Next month, November, is Kara's birthday. I wouldn't want to say too much, but I hear it's one of those annoying birthdays that ends in '0.' I'm figuring Kara might need some cheering up, so I'm going to try to convince her to plan some festive events in November. Check back for news on the final two Orchard Hill stories, Losing Patience and Finding Joy. Plus, Kara will post the engagement story for Lily and Ian (Considering Lily) as a free read. Watch for news of "A Gift from St. Nick."

See you in November,
Cora Applebaum

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New White Rose Portal

The Wild Rose Press has created a new portal to their site made specifically for readers looking for inspirational romance. It was suggested to the owners that some readers may find certain titles on the main site offensive so they have responded by creating this portal, which leads directly to their "White Rose" inspirational line. It also allows access to the rest of The Wild Rose Press catalog, if the viewer so desires. In addition the portal provides links to the White Rose "coming soon" page and submission guidelines.

Stop by and visit at They have up blurbs and covers from some of the newest White Rose releases. I especially love the cover for "Relationship Rescue" by Cindy K. Green. As much as I love the cover, I have to admit the story it represents is even better.

I hope you'll find your way to our new address!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Holidays are Coming

Fall has definitely arrived here in Wisconsin. We're trading in shorts and t-shirts for jeans and sweatshirts. But nature is putting on its usual show of brilliantly colored leaves for us.

When fall arrives, it's certain that the holiday season is right behind. Kara has assured me that the holidays will be celebrated in the final three stories in her Orchard Hill series. The recently release Disrupting Harmony covers Halloween. Will Harmony be able to tame Joseph's terrible trio with the promise of fabulous costumes for the church's harvest celebration?

Next month Losing Patience will be released. Shaun Thiesen is planning on refusing his mother's invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. He's not ready to get over the hurt she caused him. Unexpectedly, his estranged wife shows up and -surprise- he finds out he's about to become a father. Suddenly making peace with both his mother and his wife become top priority.

Finally, in December the series will come to a close with Finding Joy. December is one of the busiest months of the year for Isaac, especially this year with so many weddings coming up and so many couples to provide pre-marriage counseling for. When church secretary Pansy Parker quits to prepare for her own wedding, Isaac thinks he is doomed. Pansy convinces painfully shy but fabulously talented musician Joy Harper to fill in for her. Isaac is sure this will be a disaster. Not only is Joy lacking in both secretarial and people skills, but he's had a secret crush on her for years.

And of course, you'll finally discover who wins the matchmaker contest in Finding Joy. I know, but my lips are sealed. Anyone care to take a guess at whether the winner will be Pansy or Misty?

That's all for now.
Cora Applebaum