Sunday, January 4, 2009

Watch for Trivia Contest

Hi All,

Did everyone have a good Christmas? I know I did, even though I ate too much and now my pants don't fit. It looks like I'll have to start doing more walking around my neighborhood and see if I can drop a few pounds. Plus I always enjoy seeing what my neighbors are up to.

Speaking of being up to something, I know Kara Lynn is putting together a contest for Valentine's Day. I guess you can't expect a romance writer to let that holiday pass without notice.

I don't have the details yet. All I know is that it will involve Orchard Hill Trivia and the winner will receive a complete set of Orchard Hill ebooks! Now that's a grand prize!

Here in Orchard Hill things are bustling even though it's the time of year when most people are burrowing in and expecting to wait out the winter. Not this year at the Orchard Hill Community church. This will be a banner year for brides here. Former enemies Pansy Parker and Misty Green were just married - not to each other, of course - in a double ceremony. Pansy married Misty's father and Misty married Pansy's son. I didn't think it would ever happen but the two ladies are on friendly terms with each other. Now that they're family I guess they had to put their feud aside.

Riley O'Neil and Grace Randall are getting ready for their Valentine's Day wedding and after that... Well, let's just say I could go broke buying wedding gifts this year!

Luckily, you don't need to worry about that. Just check back soon for more information about Kara's Valentine's Day contest.

Stay warm!
Cora Applebaum

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