Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Review Site

Hello All,
Great news here. I've just heard through the grapevine that there's a new book review site going up on the web. I know what you're thinking - another review site, ho hum. But this site is different and I'm guessing it's just what some of you have been waiting for.

Novel Editions is a site that reviews inspirational and "clean" books - books that don't include large amounts of graphic sex and violence. And no foul language either. I don't understand why some authors have to do all that cussing to tell their story anyway.

While there are many great review sites out there, those of us with more delicate tastes find ourselves a bit overwhelmed by all those book covers and banners featuring, well, you know. Now those sites have reviews for some good books on them, but what if I were on the computer that my son bought for me and one of the neighbors came over and caught me visiting one of those sites? Well, there'd be no end of talk about it. Some people just can't help gossiping, you know. Pretty soon all of Orchard Hill would think Cora Applebaum is some kind of sex maniac. And then they'd ask Pastor Isaac to visit me to discuss my problem can see how this all gets out of hand.

So I'll stick with Novel Editions. They're still getting set up over there, so be patient when you stop by. I hear that Kara will be doing some of the reviews. I wondered what she was going to do now that she's finished her Orchard Hill series.

Cora Applebaum

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