Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New White Rose Portal

The Wild Rose Press has created a new portal to their site made specifically for readers looking for inspirational romance. It was suggested to the owners that some readers may find certain titles on the main site offensive so they have responded by creating this portal, which leads directly to their "White Rose" inspirational line. It also allows access to the rest of The Wild Rose Press catalog, if the viewer so desires. In addition the portal provides links to the White Rose "coming soon" page and submission guidelines.

Stop by and visit at http://www.WhiteRosesBooks.com. They have up blurbs and covers from some of the newest White Rose releases. I especially love the cover for "Relationship Rescue" by Cindy K. Green. As much as I love the cover, I have to admit the story it represents is even better.

I hope you'll find your way to our new address!


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