Saturday, October 25, 2008

The End is Near!

Hello All,
I hope you've been enjoying the fall colors. They are about finished here in Orchard Hill. All that's left is raking leaves.

Our official chronicler, Kara Lynn Russell tells me the final story in her series is completed. That's right, it's been written down who, for once and for all, won the matchmaker's contest. Of course I know who the winner was, but I'm not talking. You'll just have to wait and see for yourself.

Just as I'm sorry to see this year coming to an end, I'm glad I was here to enjoy it. At my age, you never know if you'll be here to see the next season.

I'm also sorry to see the end in site for the Orchard Hill series. I'll miss having all of you to visit with. You're such good listeners. But there's still plenty of story left to tell and fun to be had.

Next month, November, is Kara's birthday. I wouldn't want to say too much, but I hear it's one of those annoying birthdays that ends in '0.' I'm figuring Kara might need some cheering up, so I'm going to try to convince her to plan some festive events in November. Check back for news on the final two Orchard Hill stories, Losing Patience and Finding Joy. Plus, Kara will post the engagement story for Lily and Ian (Considering Lily) as a free read. Watch for news of "A Gift from St. Nick."

See you in November,
Cora Applebaum

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Sarita Leone said...

Congratulations, Kara, on finishing the last book! What wonderful news.

And a birthday on the horizon. That's exciting. I love birthdays; around here we celebrate all week long! Cake every day. :)