Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Lucy. If you read my sister Dori's post before mine, you know that we and our other sister Belle are living with my Uncle Joseph's family while my mom is away.

Don't tell Dori I said so, but I think we are really lucky. It's bad that our mom is sick and had to go away. It's good that we have Uncle Joseph and Aunt Hope to take care of us. In fact, Uncle Joseph and Aunt Hope have even had arguments over who should get to keep us.

This is really amazing because Dori, who always has to be the boss, is very good at getting us into trouble. Her ideas sound good to start with, but somehow they don't end up that way. Like the time we hid on Aunt Hope and she got scared. We made her cry, which is bad.

Aunt Hope is getting married to a man named Oliver. We weren't sure we'd like him at first because he told us a lie. But he also takes us with him and Aunt Hope for ice cream and I love ice cream, so I guess he's all right. Oliver is our gym teacher at school and we have to call him Mr. Laurence there. He'll be Uncle Oliver after he and Aunt Hope get married. Aunt Hope says we can be flower girls at her wedding.

Dori says she'll get to go down the aisle first because she's the oldest. I don't see what that's got to do with anything. Just because she was born first, it doesn't mean she can go first at everything our entire lives! I asked her if she'd ever heard of taking turns and she said that didn't count for triplets.

Oh well. At least I'll get to wear a pretty dress and carry a basket full of rose petals or something like that. Aunt Hope says we can get our hair and nails done, too. I will feel just like a princess, I think.

That's all I have to say.


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