Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Belle's Two Cents

Hi, Belle here. Last, as usual. I hate being the youngest. Dori and Lucy never listen to me, even if I'm only a few minutes younger and not like years younger than they are.

We are on summer vacation right now and every week Aunt Hope takes us to the library. Dori complains that it's boring there and Lucy just wants to check out DVDs. They are so lame. I love going to the library. This year the summer reading theme is "Catch the Reading Bug." I don't like bugs, but I do like books. Maybe someday I'll be a librarian like Aunt Hope. Or maybe I'll write the books that are in the library.

Lucy says she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. She thinks working in a hospital would be exciting. Dori just says she wants to be rich. Talk about lame.

Still sometimes it is good to have Dori and Lucy around. I always have someone to play with, even if we have to play what Dori wants. And if someone is bothering my at school, like that bully Mindy Anderson, Dori always makes them quit. I guess it would have been scary to be all alone when Mom got sick, too.

Maybe it's not so bad being a triplet. Sometimes.


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Sarita Leone said...

Belle, I love the library, too. And not for the movies, either. Enjoy yourself! :)