Monday, June 30, 2008

Accepting Charity on sale August 20th

Kara Lynn has just given me the news that Sarah and David's story will be released from The Wild Rose Press on August 20. I know what you're thinking. If Sarah is the heroine, then who's Charity? Charity is David's niece, who he had unexpectedly become guardian of. David isn't sure if he's ready to be a parent, and Charity has a disability that adds an extra challange. She has - let me see if I can remember what Sarah told me - Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia. This condition makes it difficult for Charity to speak, although she's smart as a whip and understands everything that's going on around her.

I asked Kara Lynn what she knew about the condition. Here's her reply. "I used to work as an aide in an early childhood class. That's a special ed class for three and four year olds. There was a little girl in my class who had the same challange as Charity. She was very sweet and shy, but not being able to talk much is a real problem, even for a three year old. During the summer school session, when we did not have our regular bus drivers, they forgot to drop her off at her house, not once but THREE TIMES! How frightening for her. She was small, so they couldn't see her head above the seats, and she couldn't answer when they called out to see if she was there. Being shy, she was also afraid to draw attention to herself once they passed her house. She was not discovered until after all the other children had been dropped off and by then her mother was frantic, no doubt. But she was a delightful child and very much like Charity in the story. I'm sure she has a bright future."

That about sums it up. Come back soon, and I'm sure Kara will let me post an excerpt from "Accepting Charity."

Cora Applebaum

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"Accepting Charity" sounds like a real heartwarmer. :)