Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring and Rumors are in the Air

Rumors from Orchard Hill
Hello all,
This is Cora Applebaum from Orchard Hill. You know, the quaint little town that Kara Lynn Russell writes about. Yes, that Orchard Hill. Well, we all thought we'd seen the last of Kara and her stories about our fine citizens. But today I heard... You know I really don't like to pass on rumors. Maybe I'd better not say. I mean, it isn't like I've got proof or anything.

No, I've made up my mind. I ain't saying. You know how I don't believe in gossip. We'll just talk about the weather. It's cold and nasty today, isn't it? You know I saw the first robin last week and it's snowed twice since then, so that means only one more snow until spring. And no, that's not just an old wives' tale. Three snowfalls on the robins is just as reliable as that groundhog and his shadow anyway.

Now, I know you want to bring up that thing with Kara Lynn again, and it's no use. I told you it's just a rumor anyhow. There's probably nothing to it. Why would Kara want to write another story about us Orchard Hill people anyway? Not that she is. Well, not officially. I mean, I've heard talk about it, but I don't actually know that there's going to be another Orchard Hill story.

And even if I did know that there was going to be another Orchard Hill story, I couldn't possibly say that it's about Susan. You remember Susan, don't you. She's the real estate agent that Jeff dated before he fell in love with Angel. Kara told that story in Entertaining Angel. I know Susan wasn't very nice to Angel about the whole thing...okay, she was down right nasty...but there's a reason Susan behaved that way. I think that's what Kara wants to tell people about in her new story.

If there is one. Which I'm not saying there is. But there might be. Just remember, you didn't hear it from me.

Cora Applebaum

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Sarita Leone said...

Oh Cora, you've just made my day! :)